26 de des. 2020

How to build effective teams in primary care


Teamworking is fundamental to the future of general practice. Practices are coming together at scale in primary care networks and new roles are being introduced, creating multidisciplinary and multi-agency teams. Making these teams function effectively is a complex task. King’s Fund published a guide with insights from research, policy analysis and leadership practice.

What are the fundamentals of effective teams?

  • A small number of meaningful objectives
  • Clear roles and responsibilities among team members
  • Reflect on how the team is working together
  • Introduce new roles into the teams
  • Create a multidisciplinary team
  • Ensure good communication within your teams.
  • Effective information-sharing systems
  • Re-design the physical space into shaered working spaces
  • Clinical supervision
  • Gather feedback from colleagues and patients
  • Access to learning and development
  • Give space for team members to talk about their experiences

Access Publication: Effective teams in General Practice (january 2020)

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