19 de juny 2014

Catalan Results Centre Reports in Health: a transparency and benchmark step

The Catalana Results Centre is a tool that measures, evaluates and disseminates the results achieved in the field of health care for members of the various agents Integrated Public Use Healthcare System of Catalonia. The Results Centre also measure, evaluates and disseminates biomedical research centers and institutes of health research.

It's a potent tool for transparency and benchmarking and to facilitate joint decision making for the quality of the health care delivered to the population of Catalonia.
  • Here you will find the latest reports of these topics here: Latest reports
  • If you want to download the data you can go to the tab "Open Data" or the section "Results of your center. You could download in excel or csv format all data: Open Data
Now you can dowload the results about biomedical research 2012 data. Basic and applied research realized by our hospitals and research centers. Data about inputs, outputs and less outcomes.
This effort to put all the results together is the first step to compare and think:
  • Are we doing "too much" research? 
  • Are we doing "relevant research". 
The answer is: Less Research, Better Research, Relevant Research: Related post
"That's one small step for a man, one gian leap for mankind".

Photo: Ralph Morse—Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images. Portraits of Smokers in 1964, When Cigarettes Were First Called Killers. Not published in LIFE. "Among graduates of college, the death rate was 1,439 [per 100,000] for smokers, 676 for those who did not smoke."