12 de gen. 2014

Biocat 2013 report: Catalan life science statuts and analysis

The 2013 Biocat Report shows that the life sciences sector in Catalonia has reached a turning point.

We are facing two key challenges: generating and capturing value, on one hand, and promoting growth, on the other.  And this is at a difficult moment, marked by a profound economic crisis and changes in the research and production models that are affecting the sector.

The analysis in the chapters of the report identifies challenges for all of the stakeholders in the BioRegion, both public and private. The data shows:
  • We must maintain support for innovation and entrepreneurship in the public arena —seeking out maximum efficiency in management of the knowledge generated and its transfer.
  • We must also encourage companies —large and small— to participate in international research programs and public-private partnerships in order to bring innovation to the market and, in short, to the people.
  • We must promote growth, establishing measures that facilitate market access and internationalization, but also guidance programs to support project maturation.
Europe will be key over the coming two years —launch of the Horizon 2020 program, defining RIS3 strategies, calls for the European Institute of Innovation and Technology’s KIC— but success will depend in large part on the players in the ecosystem aligning under a common vision.

Català Document complet (PDF)
English Executive Summary (PDF)  The full English version will be available shortly
Castellano Resumen Ejecutivo (PDF)

photo: © Dani: Creative Commons ShareAlike licence