17 d’abr. 2015

Why projects fail?

The postmortem examination of failed projects reveals that long before the failure there were significant symptons or as Leon Kappelman says "EARLY WARNING SIGNS (EWSs)". Kappelmann et. al., wrote an article where they explained that the EWS were related to "people" and "process".

The six people-related EWSs are:
  1. Lack of top management support
  2. Weak project manager
  3. No stakeholder involvement and/or participation
  4. Weak commitment of project team
  5. Team members requisite knowledge and/or skills
  6. Subject matter experts are overscheduled
 The six processes-related EWSs are:
  1. Lack of documented requirements and/or success criteria
  2. No change control process
  3. Ineffective schedule planning and/or management
  4. Communication breakdown among stakeholders
  5. Resources assigned to a higher priority project
  6. No bussiness case for the project  
Acces to the article: Leon A. Kappelman, et al (2006)

For those interested in project management I would reccomend this blog:
Informatica++ /Gestión de Proyectos,  The blog came from the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya. One of the authors José Ramon Rodríguez recomended it.

Bob Landry—The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images. 1946. The chase: the dog is carrying a message, is trailed by British foreign office man, a Nazi, a midget, a red-haired Mata Hari and Groucho.