19 de des. 2013

15 de des. 2013

Spanish National Health Service: diagnosis and proposals to move forward

The Spanish Association of Health Economics has launched the 2nd diagnostic report on the Spanish National Health Service (SNHS) made by several of its members (50). The first diagnostic report was done in 2008.

The report consists of four broad based chapters:
  1. Financing and Public Coverage: (published 10th december 2013)
  2. Healthcare Organisation: (expected 17th december 2013)
  3. Health Policies: (expected 14th january 2014)
  4. Good Health Governance: (expected 21 january 2014)
The objectives of this document are to diagnose the SNHS, put together a set of proposals (a total of 166) and measures to support its solvency and then place these factors under discussion.

A good report to read not only economists. The Association invite all health care professionals, patients, politicians and citizens to discuss the ideas.

Summary and proposals (in english)
Permanent discussion and acces to documents: 

photo: (*) Photosolde