9 d’oct. 2016

some controversies about competition in health care


Vicente Ortún Professor and former Dean of the School of Economic and Business Sciences, University Pompeu Fabra of Barcelona and founder and member of the Center for Research in Economics and Health (CRES), published on 16 of September and article titled "public and private in Health". 

One of the ideas of the article, that he is suggesting since long time ago, is the introduction of "yardstick competition (competence by comparison)" among health care organizations.

For those politicians, journalists, trade unions, associations, experts in talk shows, and people who want to read, learn and study before to make statements without any idea here you have some literature to read.

Competition in UK health care sector by Nuffield Trust (2013).
Competition in hospital sector by OECD (2012)
Competition and market mechanisms in health care: SEMINAR  (2013)

photo: (*) Photosolde